One weekday, Camemberu and I played tai-tais for an afternoon. We went for buffet lunch at a hotel, then shopping at ION Orchard – the newest upscale mall in town!

Live stations

Save the airfare to Penang and come here instead!

Sounds luxurious? The reality: Buffet was hawker fare, and the shopping was just wistful browsing. “Ooh, look! So gorgeous! Wah, so ex!”

We are, after all, merely HDB tai-tais. Still, it was fun!

Back to the food, which is the main reason for the outing. Ever since my Penang trip, I’d been unable to forget the delicious street food. Besides, I’d been wanting to try York Hotel’s legendary Penang hawkers’ buffet. Ongoing since 1986, the hotel flies in hawkers from Penang 3 times a year (in March, September, and December) for this theme buffet. Continue Reading »

Teriyaki chicken, S$5.50.

Teriyaki chicken, S$5.50.

This was Rick’s choice when we were lunching at Old Airport Road Food Centre. He was browsing the stalls when one of the signboards caught his attention: Holy Grill.

Holy smokes, what a witty name! Amused, he ordered the teriyaki chicken.

Morale of story: Use a catchy and memorable name for your business to stand out from the crowd! Continue Reading »

Takoyaki (fried octopus balls), 6 for S$4.80

Takoyaki (fried octopus balls), 6 for S$4.80

On the same night we had dinner at Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin, I joined the queue for the much-hyped takoyaki from Tsukiji Gindaco at ION Orchard’s B4 food hall.

Verdict: Miles better than Takopachi over at Takashimaya! There’s a nice-sized chunk of octopus in each ball, and the beni shoga (red pickled ginger), tenkasu (crunchy flour bits), leeks, and katsuobushi (fish shavings) are of much better quality.

The best part was the crispy, browned exterior. They achieved this by pouring a final round of oil onto the hot iron pans to further brown and crisp up the cooked flour balls. Sweet…! Continue Reading »

Before you groan, “Not another Penang post!”, this is the FINAL post on our June ’09 Penang trip.

We were supposed to leave our hotel at 3pm to catch our flight back to Singapore. Because we had a late, big breakfast, we still weren’t hungry by 2pm. However, I was determined to squeeze in one more meal before leaving Penang!

Plate of fried fritters (3 pieces for RM2.20) & red bean soup, RM1.00

Plate of fried fritters (3 pieces for RM2.20) & red bean soup, RM1.00

The day before, based on CK Lam’s recommendation, we went to an alley along Magazine Road. It’s at the traffic light junction opposite Trader’s Hotel. However, it was already evening, and the stalls had already closed. This time, we were lucky. All the stalls were open! Continue Reading »

Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin

Rick and I finally checked out ION Orchard last week, nearly two months after its soft opening. Yeah, we intentionally went on a weeknight to avoid jostling with the crazy weekend crowds. What to do? Old already, no energy to out-squeeze the youngsters…

Pork loin set, S$13.50

Rosu katsu (pork loin) set, S$13.50

So many exciting new F&B players, but only one tummy. Ginza Bairin seemed like a good dinner choice, mainly because it was quite empty (read: immediate seats + short wait for food).

Established since 1927, Ginza Bairin is an offshoot of the original Ginza, Tokyo-based restaurant that specializes in tonkatsu. We ordered the pork loin and pork fillet teishoku (set meal). Continue Reading »

I just realized that there are still a couple of posts left on our Penang trip in June. Here are pics from our dimsum breakfast on our 4th and final day in Penang.

Thanks to CK Lam’s recommendation, we had a fabulous meal at De Tai Tong Cafe in Cintra Street, which is a short walk from Traders Hotel where we stayed.

Dim sum breakfast

Dimsum breakfast

De Tai Tong looks like an established dimsum place in Penang. There was another joint selling similar dimsum down the road, but that one was rather empty, whereas Tai Tong was packed!

The staff said it’s self-service on Sunday. So after getting a table, I grabbed a tray and went to the kitchen section to pick the dishes. There were so many items to choose from! So, I just grabbed the first few items I saw. Continue Reading »

Fried oyster omelette, S$5.00.

Fried oyster egg, S$5.00

I was here to review their signature fried Hokkien prawn mee, but couldn’t resist trying the oyster egg 蚝煎 as well.

Overall, it was very likeable, which means a lot considering I’m not a fan of oyster omelette. The eggs are fried till crisp, and the starch mixture isn’t too gooey. There’s about 4 plump oysters for the cheapest order of S$5. The seasoning is a wee bit spicy, and if you dip it into the accompanying piquant chilli sauce, it’s even more appetizing. Continue Reading »