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Pork ribs soup, S$7.00 (5 pieces of ribs)

We’ve passed by this bak kut teh (BKT) shop a couple of times before, making a mental note to check it out the next time a BKT craving hits. Well, the craving hit Sunday afternoon, so Ricky and I came here for a late lunch.

They serve Teochew-style BKT here, i.e. the broth is brewed using pork ribs, white pepper seeds, and whole cloves of garlic. Ricky prefers KL-style herbal BKT, while I, being a Teochew ah nia (lady, usually pretty), was happy to be in familiar territory.



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The Singapore Food Festival 2008 opened with a bang at Lau Pa Sat this evening. Local food bloggers received media invites to this event. Ooh, so now food bloggers are given mainstream media status? Cool!


The VIPs putting on their rubbers. Gloves, that is. What were you thinking?

The guest-of-honor was Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Mr Lee Yi Shyan (second from left in above photo). He tried his hand at making one of Singapore’s iconic hawker dishes, char kway teow. The other VIP made rojak.


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