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Hubby has been in Penang, Malaysia since Monday to conduct training at USM.  By the time I checked into Sunway Hotel, Georgetown on Thursday, it was nearly 9pm. Hubby and colleague already had dinner.

I wasn’t very hungry either, after all that free food and plane meal, but I just couldn’t resist the bustling street stalls just outside the hotel entrance. Real street food! So exciting! So I went to tar-pow some supper back to our hotel room.

Oyster omelette, RM7.00 (S$2.90)

Oyster omelette , RM7.00 ≈ S$2.90

Very fresh plump oysters, with no fishy smell. But unlike the Singaporean version, this one was rather “wet”. Our or-jian (oyster omelette) is more like an crispy omelette, with the starchy bits. This one is more like scrambled eggs, with a lot of sauce. But still, it pretty much hit the spot, after such a disastrous day of eating. (more…)


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