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One tough Cookie



Greetings and salutations. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Cookie, of the species felis catus a.k.a. house/domestic cat. As you can see, I’m a beautiful striped tabby with the distinctive “M” mark on my forehead.

Adopted circa three years ago by designer Casey Chen, I’m currently under the temporary care of Julia Khoo, as said adoptive sugardaddy has scooted off to NYC for some fancy-schmancy furniture exhibition.

I am part of the reason why female slave Julia Khoo has no time to update this blog, or so she claims. Eight days ago, I was brought, kicking and yowling, to the slave’s teeny abode. Naturally, when I arrived, I was in the foulest of moods. When Daddy left, that foolhardy woman gave me a bath! The nerve!

Despite my kicking and yowling, she took her own sweet time with the water torture. So I bit her! Silly woman screamed, but apparently that didn’t teach her anything. She proceeded to pin me down and dry me with a noisy hairdryer.

So I bit her again! So hard that this time, blood was shed. Tears were shed as well (hers, of course). Bah! I retreated to sanctuary of the sofa underside, safe from the bleeding fingers of the silly slave.

To show my displeasure, I went on hunger strike for 24 hours. Silly slave was sick with worry. Kept begging me to come out for food and water. Even tried to entice me with some kitty canned salmon with shrimp. Hmmph! As if I’d fall for that!

Well, I did start to feel a wee bit sorry for the slave, so out of the sanctuary I emerged. The legs could do with some stretching. Belly was starting to rumble too. Plus I really needed to pee.

It’s Day 8 now. I’m getting used to the slave. She gives good massages. Changes my litter box and tops up my food and water bowl twice a day. Brushes my coat daily, too. Not bad.

As for the hubby, I like him. Actually, I prefer the hubby. He doesn’t do stupid things like dangle a string in front of my face.

In the meantime, I’m counting down to the day Sugardaddy will return, which is a week from today. Hopefully, he doesn’t get the oink flu. Or else I’ll be stuck with the silly slave for another week. Or two. NoOooOooooo!

How do you like my cover shot above? I’m such a natural in front of the camera, no? For more pussy porn glamor shots, view the slave’s Flickr set.


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New home

Howdy! As you can see, things look a little different around here. I’m in the process of migrating from TypePad to WordPress. Please check back later while I iron out the technical issues!

Update [May 20, 2009]: The old posts are temporarily down. As all the images were previously uploaded on TypePad’s server, I now have the mammoth task of manually re-uploading all the images onto my new WordPress site. Yes, all images for all 300 posts. Each post has an average of 5 photos. Please do the math. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated. Thank you.

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Happy birthday, dear!


A lovely mango cake that was the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

Thanks, Gary, for the scrumptious birthday cake! Thanks, Desmond, for the gorgeous Semillon! Most of all, thanks for helping me pull off the surprise. 🙂

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