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Fishball kway teow soup (S$2.50)

Whenever I’m under the weather, I hanker for non-greasy, soupy stuff, like the Teochew fishball kway teow soup above. In hawker centers, it’s quite standard to find at least a stall selling fishball noodles, where you can choose from a variety of noodles and have them prepared dry-tossed or in soup.

This was from a stall at Tanjong Pagar food centre. Didn’t take down the unit number, but it’s a corner unit on the second floor facing the main road. It’s been there for ages; the fishballs are firm and bouncy, the stock fairly sweet and light. Not long ago, this same bowl cost S$2.00, but with recent inflation, it’s now S$2.50. Nevertheless, it’s an inexpensive and wholesome light meal!


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