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On the same day I bought muffins from Bliss Haven, I also checked out the 枪摊 Fried Hokkien mee stall (the stallowner is a single mom with a teenage son). I do enjoy this series for its entertainment value (the episode where that tattooed dude Jason withdrew was damn drama, right??!!). And even though recipes aren’t revealed, we can still pick up some cooking tips from the chef.

Hokkien mee, S$3.00

Fried Hokkien mee, S$3.00

Anyway, back to the food. I rather enjoyed it. It’s the dark sauce stewed type of fried Hokkien mee. I think the selling point is the noodles. The texture is unique, different from the usual flat Hokkien yellow noodles. It’s soft but QQ (al dente) and bouncy at the same time. There’s also no strong alkaline taste. Quite similar to udon, actually. This kind of noodle isn’t commonly found; mentor chef Eric Teo made special arrangements for it to be supplied to this stall. (more…)


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