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One weekday, Camemberu and I played tai-tais for an afternoon. We went for buffet lunch at a hotel, then shopping at ION Orchard – the newest upscale mall in town!

Live stations

Save the airfare to Penang and come here instead!

Sounds luxurious? The reality: Buffet was hawker fare, and the shopping was just wistful browsing. “Ooh, look! So gorgeous! Wah, so ex!”

We are, after all, merely HDB tai-tais. Still, it was fun!

Back to the food, which is the main reason for the outing. Ever since my Penang trip, I’d been unable to forget the delicious street food. Besides, I’d been wanting to try York Hotel’s legendary Penang hawkers’ buffet. Ongoing since 1986, the hotel flies in hawkers from Penang 3 times a year (in March, September, and December) for this theme buffet. (more…)


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Let’s take a break from the Penang trip posts! I was surprised to see a new stall at this Clementi coffee shop which we drop by from time to time. Then again, I’m happy that Myanmar cuisine is making its presence in the HDB heartland. I’m still discovering Myanmar cuisine, and the more I do, the more I find myself liking it.

Coconut chicken noodles, S$2.50.

Coconut chicken noodles, S$2.50.

The coconut chicken noodles is Hokkien noodles in thick coconut curry sauce, topped with chickpea fritter and crackers, and a couple of chicken cubes. The sauce is thick, smooth, and mildly spicy, but definitely too salty, especially when paired with yellow noodles that’s also salty. (more…)

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Ayam panggang (grilled chicken)

Ayam panggang (grilled chicken set), S$4.80.

My dear Ayam Panggang of Riverside Indonesian BBQ, it’s rare that I sing praises of something from a foodcourt stall, but today, this ode is dedicated to you.

I first laid eyes upon you that fateful day 4 years ago; since then, I’ve been hopelessly in love! How could I resist your tender, juicy thigh? That crisp, wickedly charred skin? And the piece de resistance: that distinctive sauce – a luscious concoction of sweet kicap manis and heady spices!


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Warung M. Nasir


Nasi padang lunch (this selection of dishes and rice was S$7.30).

Whenever I’m in the vicinity, I can’t help but visit this quaint nasi padang shop. Where else can you find authentically scrumptious Indonesian nasi padang in a laidback setting of jazz and modern abstract art? Yes, in this old shophouse, Bose speakers blare the likes of Diana Krall and A.C. Jobim.

But what people really return for is the food. It’s the standard issue of rendang, tauhu telor, sayur lodeh, curry, et al, but everything tastes excellent, although the spiciness level is a bit high for me.


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My very first taste of Myanmar cuisine! Recommended by Gary, this is a recently opened branch; the original outlet at Peninsula Plaza is already an established joint frequented by Myanmar nationals living in Singapore.


Myanmar pork curry, S$7.50 for the set with butter rice, soup, and shrimp paste.

I’ve never been to Myanmar before, so I don’t know how authentic it is. But as far as food goes, I liked everything I tried!


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I’m gonna be brutally harsh and declare that I’m never coming back to this place. Ditto the hubby who has even more brutal things to say, but this is a family-friendly blog so let’s just leave it as that.


Gulai ikan kakap (fish curry), S$7.00.

Actually, we enjoyed the food. The fish curry gravy was a delightful blend of spicy, sweet, savory, and creamy, with just a hint of tanginess to round out all the flavors. Firm and fresh was the sea bream flesh.


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First Thai Food

At one end of Purvis Street (next to North Bridge Road), there’s Yhingthai Palace, serving exquisite Thai food with elegant furnishings and impeccable service to match. That’s where you go if you’ve got a big, fat wallet. For those with shallow pockets (yup, that’s me), walk down to the other end of the street, where you can satisfy your craving for Thai food at friendlier prices.


Tom yum soup with seafood, individual portion (S$7.00)

I’ve heard lots of good things about First Thai Food. Wanting to beat the queue, Rick and I came early at 6.45 pm for dinner. (more…)

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