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Carl’s Jr.

Naughty lunch!

It's gonna get messy...

This is priceless! Rick and I had a hoot taking this pic while waiting for our food to ermm, come. (more…)


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Barracks - a restaurant/cafe in the House compound.

Barracks - no army rations here.

Occupying the premises of a former army barracks, House is a lifestyle concept that houses (sorry, I couldn’t resist) a spa, cafe, and bar. This is how the cafe’s name comes about. But this is also where any association with an army camp ends, for Barracks resembles nothing like a military mess hall. From chic, quirky decor down to stunning food presentations, our experience at Barracks was a total revelation. This is one canteen that soldiers would happily dine at everyday! (more…)

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Ham & cheese on walnut raisin, S$7.20.

If I had to choose between rice or bread, it’s definitely rice. Yes, I’m a rice person. I get withdrawal symptoms from going without rice for more than two consecutive days!

Yet, after an unplanned visit to Freshly Baked, I found myself thinking of nothing but bread. Grabbing a late lunch, I’d expected nothing extraordinary out of a simple BLT on wholemeal bread.

But Freshly Baked’s wholemeal bread simply blew me away! Soft, fluffy, light, and so incredibly delicious that I kept pinching myself, “How is this possible? It’s nothing like the rough, stodgy wholemeal bread I’ve hated all my life!”


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Homemade beef burger with cheese, S$12.00.

Of late, The Neanderthal’s been grumbling that our Friday/Saturday evenings have been spent at uncool venues like Bukit Merah Central FairPrice supermarket. Yes, dear, I’ve realized my folly! Food gathering is the domain of the female; the Neanderthal Man is born to hunt.

Hence, Friday’s dinner was at a most male-friendly venue, where burgers rule and booze flows freely.


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On Sat, Brad aka ladyironchef organized a lunch at Dallas to commemorate his blog’s second birthday! Happy blog birthday, Brad! 🙂

What a big turn-out there was! It was wonderful meeting Arlyna, Mike, Jaime La Nourriture and her friend, and catching up with Camemberu, and Keropokman and Momo at the same table.


Salt & pepper calamari.

This was the first of the 9-course tasting menu (S$23.00++ per person) Brad had arranged. The squid was tender and lightly battered. Although the salt and pepper were subtle, I thought the calamari was lovely!


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Paddy’s want you to know that they are not your typical localized hawker/foodcourt western food, that’s why they implicitly state “Paddy’s – From Australia” on their signboard.


Fried fish and calamari, S$7.50.

I remember being very impressed with the fresh produce, generous sizing, and overall quality of food when I toured Aussieland. So how Aussie was the above plate of fish and calamari?


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Beer-battered fish and chips, S$4.60.

Gosh! The Central is a ghost town on weekday afternoons! Two Fridays ago I was early for a 5pm appointment and snooped around the place. Most shops didn’t have a single customer.

At CHIPPY, there was no one in sight, so I rapped on the tall counter and a head popped up as if abruptly awoken from a nap meditation. The lone sullen youngster manning the kiosk then proceeded to fry up my order of fish n chips.


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