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Cheap but yummy yong tau foo.

Cheap but yummy yong tau foo.

People say there’s no such thing as cheap and good. Guess what? There’s this famous yong tau foo stall in Bedok South Food Centre that’s really cheap and good! Where else can you buy yong tau foo that starts from $1.50 an order? (more…)


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Yong tau foo set (S$3.00)

In People’s Park Food Centre, there are 3 yong tau foo stalls, all very well-known. They sell the traditional kind, not the modern version where you pick from a whole buffet of factory-made stuff. And since when did thawed chicken franks become part of yong tau foo (YTF)?

Anyway, years ago when I worked in the area, Koo Kee was the market leader. There was another popular one, opposite Koo Kee, but they sold YTF minus noodles, so I didn’t think that would fill me up for lunch. Besides, they opened after 1pm, by which time I’d have died of hunger.

So I preferred to patronize the underdog, Poy Kee. In fact, I ate their YTF at least once a week. Sometimes, underdogs actually serve better food. Because of lack of publicity, they are compelled to make their food good to attract more business.


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