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Everyone loves a good puff! No, not the nicotine kind. We’re talking about curry puff! The latest Tried & Tested compares some of the most popular curry puffs to see who’s the hot favorite. Click here to read the article.


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Hi everyone! Sorry if this blog has been neglected for the past week. I’ll be back with updates soon!

This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on October 3, which is just 10 days away from today. Have you bought your mooncakes yet? Tired of the usual flavors? How about trying out something different? The latest Tried & Tested article on inSing.com highlights 5 exciting mooncake flavors. Click here to read the full story.

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The latest Tried & Tested feature is up. This time, it’s a comparison of five highly acclaimed fried Hokkien prawn mee in Singapore. Honestly, it wasn’t easy to rate them, as all five were good in their own unique way. So, who’s our favorite? Click here to read the full article.

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I’ve been writing a series of feature articles for insing.com. The latest one is a comparison of 6 popular fried kway teow stalls in Singapore. Click here to read the full article!

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