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Time: 1pm.
Weather: Cold, rainy, miserably grey.
State of tummy: Totally empty, furiously growling (due to skipping breakfast).

Rice with bergedil and stirfried beansprouts

Rice with bergedil and stirfried beansprouts.

Prescription: Nasi padang.

To start with, nasi (rice) with the prerequisite veggie and must-order-at-every-nasi-padang-meal bergedil. No earth-shattering moment here. Just your classic fried potato ball done the way it should be. (more…)


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A mini feast.

After a fun-filled Sony Alpha DSLR outdoor workshop at Kampong Glam, the empty tummies were growling to be filled. So off we headed to the nearby Hajah Maimunah for a yummy nasi padang lunch.

I was surprised to see that Hjh Maimunah now has a cleaner, more contemporary look with new countertops, furniture, re-tiled walls and floors, and A/C for both the main dining and the annex areas.

Thankfully, it’s still an unpretentious casual eatery serving a mind-boggling array of homestyle dishes at affordable prices. The lavish spread above only cost the two of us a pocket-friendly sum of S$17.30!


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I’m gonna be brutally harsh and declare that I’m never coming back to this place. Ditto the hubby who has even more brutal things to say, but this is a family-friendly blog so let’s just leave it as that.


Gulai ikan kakap (fish curry), S$7.00.

Actually, we enjoyed the food. The fish curry gravy was a delightful blend of spicy, sweet, savory, and creamy, with just a hint of tanginess to round out all the flavors. Firm and fresh was the sea bream flesh.


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