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Bliss Haven Muffin

Muffins from Bliss Haven Muffin

Muffins from Bliss Haven Muffin

“Mmm…what have you got in the box? Smells so yummy!” exclaimed the taxi driver, moments after after I got into his vehicle.

“Eh, muffins!” I laughed sheepishly.

“Are they good?” he asked.

“Dunno,” I replied. “It’s my first time buying them. They smelled really delicious, and I saw lots of people buying, so I’m bringing some home to try!” (more…)


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Yummilicious muffins

Yummilicious muffins!

To keep costs low, former hotel pastry chef Mary Chan opened her bakery selling upmarket cakes and muffins in the unlikeliest of places — a hawker center in the suburbs. Skeptics predicted her business wouldn’t last long.

But the knowledge of outstanding food spreads far and wide. And with low rent, the economic savings were passed on to the customers. It was not long before queues starting forming at Chocolat N’ Spice, the crowds snapping up delicious muffins at reasonable prices by the boxes.


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