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Char koay kak, RM2.30

Char koay kak, RM2.30 ≈ S$0.95

So here’s what really good char koay kak tastes like! The sad, soggy version I had on the first night is nothing like the real deal!

This was an unexpected find. Ricky and I were walking back to Traders Hotel after breakfast at Toh Soon Cafe. From Campbell Street (Lebuh Campbell), we walked down Cintra Street (Lebuh Cintra). When we reached Kimberley Street (perpendicular to Cintra St.), I spotted two pushcarts selling food. (more…)


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Hubby has been in Penang, Malaysia since Monday to conduct training at USM.  By the time I checked into Sunway Hotel, Georgetown on Thursday, it was nearly 9pm. Hubby and colleague already had dinner.

I wasn’t very hungry either, after all that free food and plane meal, but I just couldn’t resist the bustling street stalls just outside the hotel entrance. Real street food! So exciting! So I went to tar-pow some supper back to our hotel room.

Oyster omelette, RM7.00 (S$2.90)

Oyster omelette , RM7.00 ≈ S$2.90

Very fresh plump oysters, with no fishy smell. But unlike the Singaporean version, this one was rather “wet”. Our or-jian (oyster omelette) is more like an crispy omelette, with the starchy bits. This one is more like scrambled eggs, with a lot of sauce. But still, it pretty much hit the spot, after such a disastrous day of eating. (more…)

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The Singapore Food Festival 2008 opened with a bang at Lau Pa Sat this evening. Local food bloggers received media invites to this event. Ooh, so now food bloggers are given mainstream media status? Cool!


The VIPs putting on their rubbers. Gloves, that is. What were you thinking?

The guest-of-honor was Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Mr Lee Yi Shyan (second from left in above photo). He tried his hand at making one of Singapore’s iconic hawker dishes, char kway teow. The other VIP made rojak.


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